Congratulations WHS Class of 2017!

WHS2017GRADUATION-May 11, 2017-3.jpg

Dear Students,

For the last four years, your teachers have thought about you a lot.  We've done our best to provide you opportunities to learn new skills that will be meaningful in whatever you do next.  It's up to you to take it from here.

 We know you will be great. 

Yesterday, I attempted to capture the spirit of the event in photos, and I'd like to share them with you as a small gesture of my appreciation for your hard work and dedication.  I wasn't able to get a picture of everybody, and this wasn't my goal.  I was simply walking around taking photos of whatever was interesting in front of me.  As a result, I missed getting shots of many students, including some that I'm extremely fond of.  I know you'll understand.

This album will grow over the coming days as I continue to sort through photos, so feel free to check back as more are added.   I've also included a link to the full resolution files if you'd like to download them for your own personal use.  If for any reason you'd like for me to take a photo down, just send me an email.  

I give you my very best wishes with much, much more love than I can express in words.

-Mr. Tombers


Updated 5/13: many more pictures added to the Dropbox folder.  Follow the link below!

Click here for the full resolution files