For a full list of options and add-ons, contact Brad at 763-257-5641 or


Do I have rights to the photos?
Yes.  You'll receive a print release for all the photos you receive.  You're welcome to purchase prints wherever you like, although for large prints, canvases, or albums, we highly recommend looking at our options first.  We work with some of the best vendors in the country and are extremely proud of the quality of what we offer. 

Do you travel?
Yes!  I jump at the chance to travel.  Ever since living abroad, I've done everything I could to explore different parts of the world.  For most destinations, I don't charge travel costs.  Just contact me to make sure. 

What camera do you have?  Do you use flash?
As most photographers will tell you, it doesn't really matter.  But, because you asked, I use a Nikon D850 and D750.  Using flash appropriately has allowed me to get stunning images that wouldn't be possible otherwise, but I'm not strictly a flash photographer.  In fact, if the lighting is good, I may never use it.  The important bit is that I know how to use it when the lighting is poor to make your photos look incredible.  If I had to guess, I'd say I use flash on less than 10% of my photos. 

How do I book?
Click the button that says "BOOK ONLINE NOW".  Your date won't actually lock in until I've gotten back with you and confirmed all of the details, it's just a convenient way for you to give me the essential details to make sure everything will work out.  Your date will be secured once we've gone over and signed the photography agreement, and I receive a 50% deposit.